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VirtualLab Fusion - Unified Optical Design

VirtualLab Fusion Technology

The optics design software VirtualLab enables the smooth combination of geometric field tracing with diffractive solvers. Build up your optical system only once and all the engines are at your service!

You start the optical simulation with ray tracing to investigate the performance of your optical system using 3D ray distributions, dot diagrams and optical path length. Then you switch to geometric field tracing, a fast Maxwell solver inspired by ray optics. You quickly receive additional information about phase, polarization, coherence, and interference. Finally, the unified field tracing engine combines geometric with numerous diffractive field tracing techniques to include more wave-optical effects in your optical simulation.


Combination of build-in tools and customizable extensions

The toolboxes in VirtualLab offer a scalable set of technologies for solving your optical design task based on a common easy-to-learn user interface.

The combination of several toolboxes in VirtualLab enables the solution of multidisciplinary optical design tasks. If needed, it is possible to add customizable capabilities to your system by means of a powerful programming interface. For all use cases VirtualLab provides common concepts as catalogs for system setup, parametric optimization for design, experimental series for tolerancing and powerful visualization tools for postprocessing. Whenever possible the algorithms run in parallel and make use of modern multi-core computer architectures.


Solutions for Optical Modeling and Design

LightTrans provides Solutions for optical modeling and design which are enabled by VirtualLab. Solutions include software tools and additional services. Public and customized software courses, technical and application support at different levels according to the needs of our customers allow an optimal integration of VirtualLab in the design process from the very beginning. LightTrans also offers optical engineering services especially in diffractive optics, micro-optics, and all types of waveoptical simulations of optical systems. LightTrans Solutions help to minimize R&D costs and development time. Simulations with VirtualLab enable highly innovative developments of optical systems and system components. The following are the most important examples of supported Solutions:


VirtualLab Support and Consulting

We offer you VirtualLab support and consulting services in optical engineering on an hourly basis. Our support packages include:

  • Technical consulting for simulation and design of optical systems
  • Online meetings and online help on optical system setups in VirtualLab
  • Short online training on VirtualLab
  • Programming and modification of customized snippets and VirtualLab modules
  • Assistance during setup, simulation and optimization of optical systems


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