Photonics and LED Lighting News

Research highlights potential of photo-driven fin field-effect transistors

Infrared detectors are the core components of infrared detection systems and play an important role in fields such as night vision, remote sensing, and health monitoring. In this context, the utilization of mature silicon technologies to develop miniaturized, highly integrated, and cost-effective infrared detectors becomes a key research direction.

Posted on 14 June 2024 | 5:52 pm

Enhancement and manipulation of second- and third-harmonic generation based on all-dielectric nonlinear metasurfaces

Nonlinear optics is a branch of optics that deals with the complex nonlinear relationships between the optical response of the medium and the incident light when it interacts with the optical medium. Currently, nonlinear optics has been successfully applied to a variety of fields, such as laser modulation, optical signal processing, and medical imaging.

Posted on 14 June 2024 | 5:50 pm

Seeing at a distance with multicore fibers: All-optical, ultra-long-distance image acquisition and transmission system

With the exponential growth of data globally, the demand for high-speed acquisition and long-distance transmission of multidimensional data is escalating. Online video surveillance in sectors like industrial manufacturing has significantly boosted productivity while mitigating security risks. Real-time global video calls have revolutionized people's daily lives.

Posted on 14 June 2024 | 5:40 pm

Ultracompact and high-efficiency liquid-crystal-on-silicon light engines for augmented reality glasses

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are innovative display technologies with the ability to revolutionize the way we interact and experience the world.

Posted on 14 June 2024 | 5:20 pm

Structured light beams with controllable polarization along arbitrary trajectories

A structured light refers to a light field which is "customized" in both space and time, characterized by its unique distribution of amplitude, phase, and polarization state in both space and time.

Posted on 14 June 2024 | 5:10 pm

When quantum dots meet blue phase liquid crystal elastomers

Circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) materials have attracted tremendous attention for their potential applications in many fields, such as molecular sensors, information encryption, and optical storage. So far, using cholesteric liquid crystals (CLCs) with helical superstructure has proved to be an effective media of amplifying glum value. However, CPL materials constructed by small molecule CLCs are often confined to LC cells, limiting their practical applications in certain scenarios.

Posted on 14 June 2024 | 4:50 pm

Wide-field, high-resolution and broadband mesoscopic objective lens

Optical microscopes are indispensable research tools in fields such as life sciences, medical science, and materials science. The objective lens is the core component of the microscope, determining two key parameters of microscopic imaging: resolution and imaging field of view (FOV).

Posted on 14 June 2024 | 4:48 pm

Scientists find quasicrystal metasurface projects holographic images and light patterns simultaneously

Scientists have advanced metasurface technology by developing a new design that simultaneously projects holographic images and creates special diffraction patterns with ten-fold rotation symmetry of quasicrystal. This ultra-thin material merges the unique properties of quasicrystals with light manipulation techniques.

Posted on 14 June 2024 | 4:42 pm

Physicists report optical analog of Kármán vortex street

In a study published in Nature Communications, collaborating physicists from Singapore and the UK have reported an optical analog of the Kármán vortex street (KVS). This optical KVS pulse reveals fascinating parallels between fluid transport and energy flow of structured light.

Posted on 13 June 2024 | 8:17 pm

Liquid crystal source of photon pairs opens path to new generation of quantum sources

Spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC), as a source of entangled photons, is of great interest for quantum physics and quantum technology, but so far it could be only implemented in solids.

Posted on 13 June 2024 | 2:31 pm

Scientists unveil all-optical phase conjugation method using diffractive wavefront processing

Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have unveiled a technology that could revolutionize the fields of imaging and optical communications. Led by Aydogan Ozcan and his team, the research introduces an all-optical phase conjugation (OPC) method using diffractive wavefront processing.

Posted on 13 June 2024 | 2:14 pm

Researchers leverage inkjet printing to make a portable multispectral 3D camera

Researchers have used inkjet printing to create a compact multispectral version of a light field camera. The camera, which fits in the palm of the hand, could be useful for many applications including autonomous driving, classification of recycled materials and remote sensing.

Posted on 12 June 2024 | 8:07 pm

Scientists adapt astronomy method to unblur microscopy images

A team led by researchers at HHMI's Janelia Research Campus has adapted a class of techniques employed in astronomy to unblur images of far-away galaxies for use in the life sciences, providing biologists with a faster and cheaper way to get clearer and sharper microscopy images. The findings are published in the journal Optica.

Posted on 12 June 2024 | 8:03 pm

BLOG | Fresh drop this summer

LEDs Magazine editor CARRIE MEADOWS shares details on a new podcast launching in June 2024.

Posted on 12 June 2024 | 5:43 pm

New theory describes how waves carry information from surroundings

Waves pick up information from their environment through which they propagate. A theory of information carried by waves has now been developed at TU Wien—with astonishing results that can be utilized for technical applications.

Posted on 12 June 2024 | 3:22 pm

5 Top Online Software for Converting Photos to Cartoons

While searching for the best online software to convert photos to cartoons, you must first determine your expectations and needs for making the ideal animation. You’ll need to be more explicit about the cartoony avatars you’re seeking for. These cartoon images are now used for a variety of purposes, including social media posts, GIFs, short […]

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Posted on 11 June 2024 | 4:37 pm

A new and simple method for super-resolution microscopy

MINFLUX is a powerful microscopy technique that allows researchers to see objects much smaller than the wavelength of light. A newly developed evolution of the process uses a simpler device to create the light pattern needed to examine the molecule, making the entire process faster, cheaper and easier to use for future discoveries.

Posted on 11 June 2024 | 2:42 pm

Novel quantum sensor breaks limits of optical measurement using entanglement

The Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) has developed a novel quantum sensor technology that allows the measurement of perturbations in the infrared region with visible light by leveraging the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. This will enable low-cost, high-performance IR optical measurement, which previously accompanied limitations in delivering quality results.

Posted on 10 June 2024 | 7:38 pm

'Quantum optical antennas' provide more powerful measurements on the atomic level

Similar to how a radio antenna plucks a broadcast from the air and concentrates the energy into a song, individual atoms can collect and concentrate the energy of light into a strong, localized signal that researchers can use to study the fundamental building blocks of matter.

Posted on 10 June 2024 | 5:33 pm

Los Angeles cannabis farm will go all in on LEDs

Indoor grower Clade9 likes the results after installing Fluence fittings in one of five rooms. More to come.

Posted on 10 June 2024 | 3:29 pm

New chip-scale erbium-based laser offers broad wavelength tunability

Lasers have revolutionized the world since the 60s and are now indispensable in modern applications, from cutting-edge surgery and precise manufacturing to data transmission across optical fibers.

Posted on 10 June 2024 | 1:50 pm

Ams Osram adds a family of horticultural LEDs

The new Osconiq series is more efficient than the existing Oslon lineup. Each will have its advantages, the company says.

Posted on 7 June 2024 | 7:28 pm

Perturbations simplify the study of 'super photons'

Thousands of particles of light can merge into a type of "super photon" under suitable conditions. Physicists call such a state a photon Bose-Einstein condensate.

Posted on 7 June 2024 | 3:02 pm

Study of photons in quantum computing reveals that when photons collide, they create vortices

Vortices are a common physical phenomenon. You find them in the structure of galaxies, tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as in a cup of tea, or water as it drains from the bathtub.

Posted on 6 June 2024 | 2:01 pm

DarkSky says light pollution prevention “remains extremely low”

And the state of the night sky is probably worse than measurements indicate, the group notes in its annual assessment.

Posted on 5 June 2024 | 5:14 pm

Toward testing the quantum behavior of gravity: A photonic quantum simulation

In a development at the intersection of quantum mechanics and general relativity, researchers have made significant strides toward unraveling the mysteries of quantum gravity. This work sheds new light on future experiments that hold promise for resolving one of the most fundamental enigmas in modern physics: the reconciliation of Einstein's theory of gravity with the principles of quantum mechanics.

Posted on 5 June 2024 | 3:21 pm

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS | Report says lighting market should capitalize on these trends

BEI marketing agency AMBI recently analyzed client activities and strategies to pinpoint five areas to strengthen business.

Posted on 4 June 2024 | 9:59 pm

Laser-based 3D printing: A powerful tool to advance optical microscopy

Today, optical microscopy is one of the most widely used methods in various multidisciplinary fields for inspecting objects, organisms, or surfaces on a small scale. However, its lateral resolution is fundamentally limited by the diffraction of light—a constraint that, with the use of conventional lenses, has become increasingly critical as the demand for higher resolutions grows.

Posted on 4 June 2024 | 9:01 pm

New 3D-printed microscale photonic lantern opens opportunities for spatial mode multiplexing

Optical waves propagating through air or multi-mode fiber can be patterned or decomposed using orthogonal spatial modes, with far-ranging applications in imaging, communication, and directed energy. Yet the systems that perform these wavefront manipulations are cumbersome and large, restricting their utilization to high-end applications.

Posted on 4 June 2024 | 3:00 am

Signify lands a climate control partner for vertical farm lighting

The alliance marks the second in the last two weeks between an LED provider and a controlled environment system specialist.

Posted on 3 June 2024 | 4:41 pm

Sorting complex light beams: New metasurface design advances optical physics

In the dynamic realm of optical physics, researchers are continually pushing the boundaries of how light can be manipulated and harnessed for practical applications.

Posted on 3 June 2024 | 1:48 pm

A framework to construct quantum spherical codes

To reliably perform complex, large-scale calculations, computing systems rely on so-called error correction schemes, techniques designed to protect information against errors. These techniques are perhaps even more essential when it comes to quantum computers, devices that perform computations leveraging the principles of quantum mechanics.

Posted on 3 June 2024 | 1:40 pm

New imager acquires amplitude and phase information without digital processing

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have achieved a significant milestone in optical imaging technology. A new all-optical complex field imager has been developed, capable of capturing both amplitude and phase information of optical fields without the need for digital processing.

Posted on 31 May 2024 | 5:16 pm

'Metaholograms': Researchers develop a new type of hologram

Researchers have developed a new type of hologram, known as "metaholograms," capable of projecting multiple high-fidelity images free of crosstalk. This breakthrough paves the way for next-generation technologies including virtual/augmented reality (AR/VR) displays, information storage, and image encryption.

Posted on 30 May 2024 | 8:53 pm

Researchers develop ultrafast wavemeter that employs spectral–spatial–temporal mapping

Accurate high-speed measurements of wavelength are fundamental to optical research and industrial applications, such as environmental monitoring, biomedical analysis, and material characterization.

Posted on 30 May 2024 | 8:12 pm

Novel crystals enhance mid-infrared laser performance

A research group led by Prof. Sun Dunlu from Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS), Chinese Academy of Sciences, has successfully synthesized novel mid-infrared Ho,Pr:YAP and Er:YGGAG crystals using the Czchralski (Cz) method, and improved the continuous-wave laser performance of laser diode (LD) side-pumped Er:YSGG crystal through thermal bonding technology.

Posted on 30 May 2024 | 1:37 pm

Glamox sales edge up, but spending on digital development hits bottom line

An early Easter and inflation also contributes to a first quarter loss. Efficiencies are coming, such as a new tool for designing ship lighting that’s already in place.

Posted on 29 May 2024 | 10:25 pm

Lighting industry’s net-zero efforts span energy sources, materials, and collaboration

In his second report from the Net Zero Lighting Conference in London, MARK HALPER focuses on value chain relationships.

Posted on 29 May 2024 | 4:02 pm

Sollum teams with horticultural climate control company

In partnership with Damatex, it could offer all-in-one automation for lighting, HVAC, irrigation, and other aspects of greenhouse growing.

Posted on 29 May 2024 | 2:33 pm

Researchers create the world's strongest ionizing terahertz radiation

Terahertz waves, known as non-ionizing radiation, can turn into ionization radiation when sufficiently many terahertz photons are focused in space and time. A team led by scientists in Korea and the U.S. has created the world's most intense terahertz pulses that can instantaneously ionize atoms and molecules and convert them into plasma.

Posted on 28 May 2024 | 4:10 pm

Audi flashing road safety signs via OLED tail lights

The German car maker now counts five models using OLEDWorks technology. The new Q6 electric SUV is the first to draw on the New York company’s second-generation offering.

Posted on 24 May 2024 | 2:54 pm

How Do I Amazon Chime Login Easy steps to guide?

What is Amazon Chime? Amazon Chime, like other video calling apps, provides a platform for connecting people via video calls for business meetings. It also gives a better alternative to holding critical business meetings and conferences outside of the traditional office setting. This application is available for download on Windows, Mac, and other platforms. Amazon […]

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Posted on 23 May 2024 | 12:44 pm

Hardware Wallets: Best Defense Against Crypto Theft

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, security is essential. With the rise of cyber threats and the decentralized nature of digital currencies, protecting your assets is more vital than ever. Here is where hardware wallets come into play. Hardware wallets are physical devices meant to safely store cryptocurrency offline, making them an essential tool for […]

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Posted on 22 May 2024 | 3:45 pm


Horticultural lighting firm designs fixtures to support creative cultivators, from small local food operations to cannabis growers.

Posted on 22 May 2024 | 3:36 pm

BREAKING: LEDs Magazine recognizes more than 50 products with BrightStar Awards

Entries demonstrated progress toward achieving sustainability objectives while improving installation and user experience.

Posted on 20 May 2024 | 1:00 pm

RARBG Proxy and Mirrors to Get Unblocked

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Posted on 20 May 2024 | 4:52 am

Score808 – Top Live Sport Streams and 5 Alternatives

Sports fans have long struggled to discover the perfect streaming site that provides free sports stream downloads. However, today they may utilize Score808. It is an online live-streaming platform that provides many stream links for different live sports events. If you don’t know which platforms to use, it might be difficult to stream live sports […]

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Posted on 16 May 2024 | 4:25 pm

Bitten but not shy: ams Osram again eyes an expensive new factory

The Malaysian plant exit is still fresh, but that’s not stopping the company from planning another big facility. This time it will be close to home, and not micro LEDs.

Posted on 15 May 2024 | 5:15 pm

Nichia opens dedicated automotive tech center in Germany

LED technology developer announces facility mission to advance automotive lighting with support from partners.

Posted on 15 May 2024 | 4:15 pm

Advanced Fixture Design with AC-to-DC Light Engines

Register for a webinar detailing good design principles for integrating next-generation light engines into LED fixture designs to achieve new cost and performance benefits.

Posted on 13 May 2024 | 7:06 pm

Swedish renewable heat utility greens its lighting with LEDs from Glamox

Some 800 new luminaires also address the European fluorescent ban.

Posted on 13 May 2024 | 6:17 pm

Lighting Industry: I’ll see your ‘carbon neutral’ and raise you a ‘net zero’

Speakers at London conference implore vendors and the value chain to push beyond “offsetting” toward no emissions at all.

Posted on 10 May 2024 | 4:26 pm

How to Use Google Classroom For Students in 2024

In the digital era, classrooms are currently limited to four walls. Students can study and manage projects utilizing a variety of technologies, including Google Classroom. It is perfect for increasing your children’s production by monitoring assignment progress, setting work objectives, and getting new tasks. So, how do students and parents utilize Google Classroom? The solution […]

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Posted on 9 May 2024 | 10:23 pm

Tiffany Pesci Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki, Instagram

Finding information online might seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance of information available. Tiffany Pesci is a trendy name in 2024. She is the daughter of Hollywood star Joe Pesci and has built a name for herself in the fashion industry. Tiffany, 32, continues […]

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Posted on 8 May 2024 | 4:33 pm

LightSPEC West concludes 2024 event with strong attendance

Specifiers, architects, and buyers connected in Anaheim with leading lighting professionals and learned about the latest products.

Posted on 8 May 2024 | 11:30 am

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Healthcare Lighting & Systems

LEDs Magazine rounds up lighting and display products designed to support end users and occupants in healthcare environments.

Posted on 7 May 2024 | 8:27 pm

Fagerhult financials dip again, but the eco reward is coming

CEO Bodil Sonesson says the company is well positioned to help users meet ambitious new E.U. carbon mandates. Meanwhile, watch for an acquisition.

Posted on 3 May 2024 | 9:45 pm

“ eat your peels: unlocking the nutritional benefits.”

Welcome to! Today, we go into the realm of nutrition with our piece on “ your peels: unlocking the nutritional benefits.” Discover the unexpected health advantages of fruit and vegetable peels, and why they are so important for your health. Let’s discover the wonder of peeling together! What is the post of “ your […]

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Posted on 3 May 2024 | 7:34 pm

PROJECT | Mouser Electronics fuses efficiency and sustainability with PoE lighting architecture

LUIS SUAU and BETSY CONROY detail how a large-scale PoE lighting project helps an electronics distributor save energy, add flexibility to spaces, and reduce materials footprint.

Posted on 30 April 2024 | 12:30 pm

The horticultural lighting revival gains ground

Both Signify and ams Osram reported ongoing growth in their quarterly calls last week. But will electricity prices continue to decline in their favor?

Posted on 29 April 2024 | 8:50 pm

Quarterly net income rises at Signify

That’s something the company hasn’t been able to say since the fall of 2022. There were some surprise downturns, though.

Posted on 26 April 2024 | 8:03 pm

Ams Osram gives up its Malaysian micro LED operation in a €700 million hit

Optical/photonics solutions manufacturer also minimizes micro LED activities in Germany, focusing production for internal use, not the general market. Meanwhile, overall first-quarter results decline but automotive is strong.

Posted on 26 April 2024 | 5:58 pm

Army funds OLEDWorks for AR/VR displays

U.S. military provides $8.6 million to a joint project developing bright screens.

Posted on 25 April 2024 | 9:48 pm