Diode Lasers


Manufactured in the UK, our Laser Diodes cover from 635nm up to 1640nm, and can provide a comprehensive range of output powers for many industrial, educational, and scientific applications.

Devices are available as a metal can package for all wavelengths, and with inline and butterfly alternatives for the longer wavelengths. Connectorised and pigtailed versions of the metal can types are also available.

Mutimode or single mode laser diodes available. We can provide them with or without firbe optic cable.

We can design and manufacure diode lasers to your specification.

Standard Versions:

Wave length Power Single/Multimode
638nm 5/10/20/35mW SM
655nm 5/7/10/35mW SM
660nm 10/20/30/50 SM
670nm 5/10mW SM
789nm 30/70mW SM and MM
808nm 200/300/500mW/1W MM
820nm 5mW MM
830nm 30/40mW SM and MM
850nm 10/30/50/100/300/500mW SM and MM
880nm 10mW SM
904nm 50mW MM
980nm 5/10/20/50/100/200/300/500mW SM and MM
1040nm 5/7mW SM
1300nm 5/7mW SM
1480nm 5/7mW SM
1550nm 5/7mW SM
1625nm 5/7mW SM
1640nm 5/7mW SM
Please contact us for custom diode lasers, we can provide lasers conected with the fibre of your choice.


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