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TracePro Brdige For SolidWorks

TracePro Bridge is a SolidWorks add-in that enables SolidWorks users to apply and save optical properties directly in the SolidWorks CAD file. With TracePro Bridge, a single model is used by both TracePro (for ray tracing and optical analysis) and by SolidWorks (for mechanical design and modifying optical properties) to ensure data integrity. Designers significantly accelerate the product development process without sacrificing performance or functionality.

How it works:

  1. Start with SolidWorks to:
    • Create parts and assemblies
    • Apply TracePro properties
    • Export the model as an oml file for TracePro

  1. Open the saved oml file in TracePro to:
    • Adjust ray tracing controls
    • Trace rays to calculate optical performance of the system
    • Optimize, tolerance, and analyze the system

  1. Return to SolidWorks to modify the geometry and optical properties, and archive the updated model.

Please note TracePro Bridge requires SolidWorks 2010 SP3.0 or later.

For more information on TracePro Bridge for Solidworks, view the TracePro Bridge Brochure.

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