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Blooket Play? How to Join Blooket With Code?

Blooket Play? How to Join Blooket With Code?  Do you want to make learning more pleasant for your students as a teacher? Try out Blooket. This engaging web-based educational game sign platform promotes collaborative and interactive interactions between teachers and students. This post will teach you about the game’s features, how it works, and its […]

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Posted on 5 December 2023 | 5:29 pm

Cooper Lighting Solutions creates a 3D printed luminaire for McDonald's

The cross-collaboration process allowed McDonald's to customize the design to their exact specifications.

Posted on 5 December 2023 | 12:00 am

Polarized hetero-structured luminant: The 'marriage' of 2D materials and 0D quantum dots

The generation, modulation, and detection of polarized light play a pivotal role across diverse fields, including optical communication, laser processing, dynamic displays, and biomedical imaging. The advancement of multifunctional prototype devices, seamlessly integrating an array of optical control technologies, holds great potential to address the future requirements of polarized optics, emphasizing low power consumption, functional integration, and cost-effective optical components.

Posted on 4 December 2023 | 9:40 pm

'Doughnut' beams help physicists see incredibly small objects

In a new study published in Optica, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have used doughnut-shaped beams of light to take detailed images of objects too tiny to view with traditional microscopes.

Posted on 4 December 2023 | 8:48 pm

Q&A: Unveiling a new era of imaging—engineers lead breakthrough microscopy techniques

When microscopes struggle to pick up faint signals, it's like trying to spot subtle details in a painting or photograph without your glasses. For researchers, this makes it difficult to catch the small things happening in cells or other materials. In new research, Boston University Moustakas Chair Professor in Photonics and Optoelectronics, Dr. Ji-Xin Cheng, and collaborators are creating more advanced techniques to make microscopes better at seeing tiny sample details without needing special dyes.

Posted on 4 December 2023 | 8:17 pm

A method to resolve quantum interference between photoionization pathways with attosecond resolution

The field of attosecond physics was established with the mission of exploring light–matter interactions at unprecedented time resolutions. Recent advancements in this field have allowed physicists to shed new light on the quantum dynamics of charge carriers in atoms and molecules

Posted on 4 December 2023 | 3:10 pm

Signify breaks out OEM as a separate division

Corporate restructuring also includes lay-offs at headquarters.

Posted on 4 December 2023 | 12:00 am

IBOMMA: Download and Watch 2023 Telugu Movies

If you are a Telugu movie enthusiast constantly looking for the latest releases, you will find the Ibomma movies site appropriate. Thanks to its enormous Telugu film library, you can now watch the most current releases from the comfort of your home. This post will teach you all you need to know about it and […]

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Posted on 3 December 2023 | 4:35 pm

10 Best Mangakio Alternatives To Read Manga For Free

Mangakio is a website that enables users to read Manga, manhwa, and Yaoi for free online. It gives users access to a wide range of material, some provided by well-known manga companies. It also contains a large manga library, which includes works by well-known writers such as Rumiko Takahashi and Kentaro Miura, among others. A […]

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Posted on 3 December 2023 | 4:11 pm

Photonic chip that 'fits together like Lego' opens door to semiconductor industry

Researchers at the University of Sydney Nano Institute have invented a compact silicon semiconductor chip that integrates electronics with photonic, or light, components. The new technology significantly expands radio-frequency (RF) bandwidth and the ability to accurately control information flowing through the unit.

Posted on 1 December 2023 | 12:14 pm

An anomalous relativistic emission arising from the intense interaction of lasers with plasma mirrors

Interactions between intense laser pulses and plasma mirrors have been the focus of several recent physics studies due to the interesting effects they produce. Experiments have revealed that these interactions can generate a non-linear physical process known as high-order harmonics, characterized by the emission of extreme ultraviolet radiation (XUV) and brief flashes of laser light (i.e., attosecond pulses).

Posted on 1 December 2023 | 12:00 pm

A low-cost microscope projection photolithography system for high-resolution fabrication

Integrated optical signal distributing, processing, and sensing networks require the miniaturization of basic optical elements, such as waveguides, splitters, gratings, and optical switches. To achieve this, fabrication approaches that allow for high-resolution manufacturing are required.

Posted on 30 November 2023 | 10:06 pm

Researchers develop a new approach to polarization-independent LC phase modulation

Liquid-crystal (LC) phase modulators are widely used in optical systems because of their advantages of low power consumption, lightweight, flexible bandwidth adjustment, and non-mechanical movements. However, most LC phase modulators are polarization-sensitive, meaning that they affect the light phase differently depending on its polarization. This can limit their performance and functionality in some applications.

Posted on 30 November 2023 | 10:05 pm

Researchers extend non-line-of-sight imaging towards longer wavelengths

Emerging technologies for non-line-of-sight imaging can detect objects even if they are around a corner or behind a wall. In new work, researchers use a new type of detector to extend this method from visible light into near and mid-infrared wavelengths, an advance that could be especially useful for unmanned vehicles, robotic vision, endoscopy, and other applications.

Posted on 30 November 2023 | 8:13 pm

Two-photon lithography for photonic packaging: A promising solution

Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) are compact devices that combine multiple optical components on a single chip. They have a wide range of applications in communications, ranging, sensing, computing, spectroscopy, and quantum technology. PICs are now manufactured using mature semiconductor fabrication technologies. It has reduced costs and improved performance. This makes PICs a promising technology for a variety of applications.

Posted on 30 November 2023 | 6:56 pm

Study finds more stable clocks could measure quantum phenomena, including the presence of dark matter

The practice of keeping time hinges on stable oscillations. In a grandfather clock, the length of a second is marked by a single swing of the pendulum. In a digital watch, the vibrations of a quartz crystal mark much smaller fractions of time. And in atomic clocks, the world's state-of-the-art timekeepers, the oscillations of a laser beam stimulate atoms to vibrate at 9.2 billion times per second. These smallest, most stable divisions of time set the timing for today's satellite communications, GPS systems, and financial markets.

Posted on 30 November 2023 | 2:53 pm

COMMENTARY: Top lighting trend — It’s not what you think

CARRIE MEADOWS zeroes in on a single concept with wide applicability across the LED and lighting industry, informing an annual assessment of what’s to come.

Posted on 30 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Energy infrastructure and building programs renew lighting and controls value proposition

CARRIE MEADOWS provides a holistic view of economic and technology trends reported around EBM that will impact the lighting sector.

Posted on 30 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Photonic chips can calculate optimal shape of light for next-gen wireless systems

Optical wireless may no longer have any obstacles. A study by Politecnico di Milano, conducted together with Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa, the University of Glasgow and Stanford University, and published in Nature Photonics, has made it possible to create photonic chips that mathematically calculate the optimal shape of light to best pass through any environment, even one that is unknown or changing over time.

Posted on 29 November 2023 | 6:21 pm

Scientists discover new type of ultrafast magnetic switching while investigating noise interference

Researchers at the University of Konstanz have discovered a new type of ultrafast magnetic switching by investigating fluctuations that normally tend to interfere with experiments as noise.

Posted on 29 November 2023 | 4:00 pm

Chloride ions kill the stability of blue perovskite light-emitting diodes: Study

Blue light-emitting diodes represent a fundamental element in the contemporary lighting and display technology landscape. Like prevailing technology such as III-V, organics and quantum dot LEDs, developing efficient and stable blue perovskite light-emitting diodes (PeLEDs) is a formidable challenge.

Posted on 29 November 2023 | 3:10 pm

Instalkr: Best 6 Alternatives Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Stories have become a crucial component of our online social life in the era of Instagram. It all occurs in Instagram stories, whether you’re keeping up with pals, following your favorite celebs, or staying current on trends. But what if you choose to view these stories anonymously? This is when Instalkr comes into play. In […]

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Posted on 29 November 2023 | 4:45 am

What Are the Advantages of BinBex? Crypto Exchange

Binbex is a famous new cryptocurrency exchange platform. According to reports, it was created in 2019 with the purpose of delivering quick, safe, and user-friendly services to both novice and expert traders. In fact, it has become highly famous in a very short period of time. So, if you want to learn all there is […]

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Posted on 29 November 2023 | 4:38 am

New Casambi CEO Mark McClear: Ready to ‘double sales again’

After a year-plus expanding the North American controls business, McClear sees materials and installation advantages boosting the signal for wireless controls messaging.

Posted on 29 November 2023 | 12:00 am

It’s official: Glamox creates executive IoT post to forge a data strategy

Terje Løken joins Feb. 1 with multiple responsibilities. He’ll come experienced in software-as-a-service and AI.

Posted on 29 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Do the bump: Scientists perfect miniaturized technique to generate precise wavelengths of visible laser light

In research, sometimes the bumpy path proves to be the best one. By creating tiny, periodic bumps in a miniature racetrack for light, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and their colleagues at the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), a research partnership between the University of Maryland and NIST, have converted near-infrared (NIR) laser light into specific desired wavelengths of visible light with high accuracy and efficiency.

Posted on 28 November 2023 | 9:29 pm

Gaining more control over the fabrication of surface micro/nano structures using ultrafast lasers

Surface functionalization via micro/nano structuring is not only a thriving research area inspired by bionics but also of great importance for various practical applications. The key to achieving various surface functions is the fabrication of surface micro/nano structures with controlled dimensions, hierarchies, and compositions, which is driving the continuous progress of micro/nano fabrication techniques.

Posted on 28 November 2023 | 7:58 pm

Vectorial adaptive optics: Correcting both polarization and phase

Adaptive optics (AO) is a technique used for real-time correction of phase aberrations by employing feedback to adjust the optical system. Polarization aberrations represent another significant type of distortion that can impact optical systems. Various factors, such as stressed optical elements, Fresnel effects, and polarizing effects in materials or biological tissues, can induce polarization aberrations. These aberrations affect both system resolution and the accuracy of vector information.

Posted on 28 November 2023 | 4:12 pm

The secret life of an electromagnon: Research takes a step toward ultrafast control of magnetism with light

Scientists have revealed how lattice vibrations and spins talk to each other in a hybrid excitation known as an electromagnon. To achieve this, they used a unique combination of experiments at the X-ray free electron laser SwissFEL. Understanding this fundamental process at the atomic level opens the door to ultrafast control of magnetism with light.

Posted on 28 November 2023 | 3:49 pm

Compact accelerator technology achieves major energy milestone

Particle accelerators hold great potential for semiconductor applications, medical imaging and therapy, and research in materials, energy and medicine. But conventional accelerators require plenty of elbow room—kilometers—making them expensive and limiting their presence to a handful of national labs and universities.

Posted on 28 November 2023 | 2:36 pm

Scientists develop new approach for single-shot characterization of ultrashort free-electron laser pulses

Scientists at the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have proposed and validated a novel approach for single-shot characterization of ultrashort free-electron laser pulses based on self-referenced spectral interferometry. Their innovative approach, published in Physical Review Letters, offers a promising solution to the challenges of ultrafast scientific experiments.

Posted on 28 November 2023 | 1:57 pm

Two sides of IoT lighting: It’s reawakening. Profits still elusive.

Recent developments at Fagerhult and Signify, among others, help tell the full story, which now includes “circularity.”

Posted on 28 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Orbital-angular-momentum-encoded diffractive networks for object classification tasks

Deep learning has revolutionized the way we perceive and utilize data. However, as datasets grow and computational demands increase, we need more efficient ways to handle, store, and process data. In this regard, optical computing is seen as the next frontier of computing technology. Rather than using electronic signals, optical computing relies on the properties of light waves, such as wavelength and polarization, to store and process data.

Posted on 27 November 2023 | 7:58 pm

Acuity Brands acquires Current Arize horticultural lighting

Current uproots its Arize line to concentrate on commercial & industrial lighting, while Acuity plants seeds for indoor agriculture growth with acquisition.

Posted on 27 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Once again sales up, profits down at Glamox. But with a twist.

Interest rates and weak currency take a bite out of EBITDA. Meanwhile, Europe’s fluorescent ban is stimulating sales on land. Offshore orders remain strong, but implementations slip.

Posted on 27 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Imginn Free Instagram Image and Videos Downloader

In 2023, Imginn is one of the best tools for downloading Instagram images and videos. Do you realize that numerous tools on the market provide the same features? Why do we suggest you utilize this tool? We looked over all of the features and advantages of the Imginn Instagram tool to help you decide which […]

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Posted on 26 November 2023 | 7:30 pm

Tapered fiber is a potential candidate for delivering high-energy, ultrafast lasers with high beam quality

Ultrafast lasers have the advantages of high time resolution, high energy density, broadband spectrum, etc. Ultrafast lasers with high-energy and high peak power have been widely applied in industrial fields and frontier science, such as advanced manufacturing, photomedicine, and ultrafast physics.

Posted on 24 November 2023 | 6:08 pm

Optical trapping of optical nanoparticles: Fundamentals and applications

A new article published in Opto-Electronic Science reviews the fundamentals and applications of optically trapped optical nanoparticles. Optical nanoparticles are one of the key elements of photonics. They not only allow optical imaging of a plethora of systems (from cells to microelectronics), but also behave as highly sensitive remote sensors.

Posted on 24 November 2023 | 5:08 pm

Combining extreme-ultraviolet light sources to resolve a quantum mechanical dissociation mechanism in oxygen molecules

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in selectively exciting a molecule using a combination of two extreme-ultraviolet light sources and causing the molecule to dissociate while tracking it over time. This is another step towards specific quantum mechanical control of chemical reactions, which could enable new, previously unknown reaction channels.

Posted on 22 November 2023 | 8:53 pm

Dynamic z-scanning for ultrafast auto-focusing in laser processing

In laser-based manufacturing, accommodating non-flat, or changing surfaces has traditionally been labor-intensive, involving complex focus mapping procedures and or ex-situ characterization. This often results in repositioning errors and extended processing times.

Posted on 22 November 2023 | 8:12 pm

Light Bites: What’s happening in industry events – Nov. 22, 2023

LEDs Magazine rounds up online learning and event speaking opportunities addressing various future-forward lighting industry topics.

Posted on 22 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Meet the new instruments that will take advantage of SLAC's upgraded X-ray laser

Teams at the U.S. Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory recently celebrated the completion of a major upgrade to the world's first hard X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL), the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) at the US Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

Posted on 21 November 2023 | 7:31 pm

Acoustic diffraction-resistant adaptive profile technology for elasticity imaging

Acoustic beam shaping with high degrees of freedom is critical for ultrasound imaging, acoustic regulation, and stimulation. The ability to fully regulate the acoustic pressure profile relative to its propagation path remains to be achieved.

Posted on 21 November 2023 | 3:00 pm

Single ions in nano-sized particles: A new platform for quantum information processing

Processing quantum information relies on interacting qubits—the basic building blocks of quantum information—to perform computational tasks. Scientists are searching for the optimal qubit platform that can perform operations more efficiently, accurately and as fast as possible.

Posted on 21 November 2023 | 2:56 pm

Automotive sector driving early stages of ams Osram’s LED recovery

Automakers are designing in pixelated headlamps, interactive taillights, and colorful interior lighting.

Posted on 21 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Boomerang-like beams of light: Research makes progress toward observing quantum backflow in two dimensions

Researchers at the University of Warsaw's Faculty of Physics have superposed two light beams twisted in the clockwise direction to create anti-clockwise twists in the dark regions of the resultant superposition. The results of the research have been published in Optica. This discovery has implications for the study of light-matter interactions and represents a step towards the observation of a peculiar phenomenon known as a quantum backflow.

Posted on 20 November 2023 | 5:44 pm

High-power fiber lasers emerge as a pioneering technology

Optical scientists have found a new way to significantly increase the power of fiber lasers while maintaining their beam quality, making them a future key defense technology against low-cost drones and for use in other applications such as remote sensing.

Posted on 20 November 2023 | 3:11 pm

Electrification opens new avenues for lighting industry growth

Lighting and controls companies are finding success with adding EV charging to their roadmaps. JENNY JONES reports on market entrant experiences and forecasts.

Posted on 20 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Top 5 S2manga Alternatives To Read Manga Online

Anime fans all across the globe have gone a step further by reading the manga of their favorite anime. Of course, Manga and anime fans cannot afford to acquire all of the current volumes of the Manga they like reading. Hard copies are not accessible in every country. However, owing to sites like S2manga, people […]

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Posted on 19 November 2023 | 4:29 pm

Is Text Mail Subscriber a Scam? Full guide

You’ve undoubtedly heard of a text mail subscriber being unavailable when attempting to call an unknown number. However, you are unfamiliar with the term “text mail subscriber.” Furthermore, since the word refers to unknown numbers, it might be concerning not knowing if it is a scam. Additionally, reading this guide will make comprehending what a […]

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Posted on 16 November 2023 | 4:12 pm

Signify looks to reverse the decline in Hue

The pioneer of smart home lighting has struggled in the connected home business in the face of lower-priced competitors.

Posted on 15 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Sollum lands horticultural lighting trial with Canadian propagator

Variable spectrum lighting keys the deal with cucumber, tomato, pepper, and eggplant grower Proplant Propagation.

Posted on 13 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Zumtobel comes back to the IoT table

The company that was once going to be the “Google” of connected lighting has been quiet in that area for several years. Until now.

Posted on 10 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Back to the future: Signify increases the energy efficiency of LED lamps

Lest we forget, the benefits of LED replacements are not all about IoT and other modern lighting trends.

Posted on 9 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Energy Justice Day speakers: Public engagement key to infrastructure adoption

Participants representing federal service programs to nonprofit organizations to community advocates emphasized the portance of involving citizens in local energy resiliency initiatives.

Posted on 7 November 2023 | 12:00 am

DOE starts Justice Week with Equity Portfolio Day

Panelists discussed Community Benefits Plans, weatherization funds, civil rights compliance, and more.

Posted on 7 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Signify installs its own exec as permanent boss at Fluence

A 29-year veteran of Signify and Philips moves into the top job in Austin, Texas. The parent strengthens its control. Will Signify continue to operate two different horticultural lighting outfits?

Posted on 6 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Ams Osram sells and leases back its vital micro LED plant in Malaysia

It’s the latest financial recovery move under new CEO Aldo Kamper. Third-quarter sales and earnings fall, but operating margins were up. Are things turning around?

Posted on 2 November 2023 | 12:00 am

Renovations, fluorescent bans, and energy savings buoy Fagerhult outlook

Third quarter sales held on, net profit edged up, and operating margins grew stronger, as did IoT groundwork. But the company pauses its horticulture business.

Posted on 31 October 2023 | 12:00 am

L-Prize Prototypes advance connected lighting innovation

DOE L-Prize organizers recognized three luminaire prototypes and three connected systems prototypes for their potential to increase usability, interoperability, sustainability, and accessibility of commercial lighting technologies.

Posted on 27 October 2023 | 12:00 am

More factory closures, consolidations likely at Signify as margins improve

Could affect U.S. sites. The company’s continuing cost-cutting measures are slowly helping, but quarterly sales and income fall again.

Posted on 27 October 2023 | 12:00 am

Guest essay wins B2B media recognition

Lighting designer Alana Shepherd receives publishing industry award for DEI essay.

Posted on 27 October 2023 | 12:00 am

Luminaire reuse web portal goes live in U.K.

After a name change from Circular Place to Reuse Hub, Recolight launches online marketplace to match buyers, sellers, users, and reconditioners.

Posted on 26 October 2023 | 12:00 am